Eligibility and Application procedure for RGCB Meritorious Student Awards

    (These guidelines come into effect from December 01, 2016)
    1. The M. R. Das Research Excellence Award is given for excellence during RGCB' s PhD Program. It carries a cash award of Rupees 25,000, a gold medal and a citation.
    2. A duly constituted three member external jury will adjudicate all parameters and award marks out of total of 100. The division of marks is explained below.
    3. An applicant scoring over 70% will become eligible for the award.
    4. There is no restriction on number of awards in a year.
    5. Applicants are to submit their applications duly forwarded by the mentor to the Office of Academic Affairs within 3 months after submission of the PhD thesis to the University.
    6. The application format can be downloaded from the RGCB Website.
    7. The decision of the jury will be final and no further appeal will be entertained.
    1. Time Limit: The PhD thesis must have been submitted within 5 years from date of PhD registration with the University.
    2. Contemporary importance and relevance of PhD thesis: an extended abstract of not more than 5000 words to be provided that explains with the following headings: (i) background to the problem, (ii) working hypothesis, (iii) methodology used, (iv) results in brief, (v) conclusions and (vi) application and/or innovations derived from the study (Total of 30 marks).
    3. Peer-reviewed publications (Total of 50 marks):
      The following conditions will apply to all applicants
      1. Publications in predatory journals will not be considered.
      2. A minimum of two publications of direct relevance to the PhD work and where the applicant is the first/joint first author.
      3. The jury can consider a single outstanding publication where applicant is first/joint first author in lieu of the standard two publications
      4. The jury can also consider (along with a second paper) one publication involving large multi- center studies such as GWAS/large scale genomics/clinical/epidemiological/molecular epidemiological studies, a publication where applicant is among the first three authors and the topic of the paper is of direct relevance to the PhD work.
      5. Two granted Indian patents or one granted International patent may be considered by the jury as equivalent to the conditions stated in (ii) and (iii) and (iv). The Jury will judge relevance of the patent and its significance.
      6. The applicant must provide a detailed description of their exact role in any coauthored publication (iv) or patent application (v).
      7. The jury will decide on the quality and marks for the above four conditions
    4. International Fellowships granted for short term training in international research laboratories during the course of PhD work (Total of 10 marks)
    5. Best Paper/Poster Awards at National or International Conference presentations organized by registered national and international societies or equivalent during the course of PhD work (Total of 10 marks). Jury will decide on the standing and quality of the conference/seminar.

  • Merit award of the year

    This award is given under two categories:

    • PhD students
    • Project fellows

The award will based on an oral presentation of the research data. The presentation will be for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

  • PhD students, who have completed three years or above and project fellows, who have completed two years or above, from the day of joining RGCB will be eligible.
  • An Award committee consisting of distinguished International and/or National Scientists will evaluate the presentation. No RGCB faculty will be on the committee.
  • Three awards will be given every year; two for the best PhD student presentations and one for the project JRFs. Those who do not win the award in first attempt can apply in the subsequent sessions.
  • Only one award will be given to a student in his PhD/project tenure
Application procedure for the awards and travel grants

For the M.R Das Merit Award and the RGCB Travel Grant Award, applications should be submitted in the prescribed format to the office of the Dean, where documents will be verified and eligible candidates will be recommended to the Director for consideration for the award. Applications for both awards can be submitted at any time in the year. The Director's decision will be final and binding in the execution of the award. For the Merit Award of the Year, application should be submitted on or before October 15th, every year.

Download Application For Dr. MR Das Excellence Award

Download Application For Merit Award Presentation