RGCB's Business Development team, named "Garuda" provides leadership and guidance in managing existing business relationships, developing new business relationships and external brand management. Garuda focuses to build a strong community of industry, investors, entrepreneurs, technology-based economic development leaders and others committed to building an innovative, entrepreneurial culture and launching new enterprises with RGCB's innovations, technology and expertise. In addition to helping accelerate such start-up activities; Garuda also manages in association with the RGCB-Laboratory Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics (LMMD) group, an exclusive Business in Residence (BIR) program, which hosts new potential entrepreneurs who are looking for potential start-up opportunities. The program includes provision of "incubator" start up space at RGCB's second and third campuses and access to all institute infrastructures. Garuda also has an Office of Technology Ventures to manage all administrative formalities regarding consultancy and business development projects.

Summary of Garuda's profile

Asset, Business & Commercial Development (ABCD)

Asset Management : Core facilities, Molecular Platforms, Resource Utilization.

Business Development : Consultancy, Technology Development, Training & Education, BioNest (RGCB's third campus).

Commercial Development : Tech transfer, Infrastructure development, biomedical services, product validation, BOT turnkey projects (build, operate & transfer), biomedical & biotech services.