Genomics Core Facility

The next generation sequencing (NGS) methodologies, a totally different sequencing chemistry than Sanger sequencing, and genome-wide genotyping methods have revolutionized research approaches virtually in all branches of biological research. The high throughput NGS methods together with high end computational models can provide limitless insight into genome, transcriptome and epigenome of any species, and also help in large scale marker discovery and development for genome-wide genotyping in various genetic analyses.

In the year 2013, RGCB set up a Genomics Core Facility (CCF) at its Bio Innovation Centre, KINFRA Park, Kazhakkuttam, offering full solution to microarray analysis and NGS methodologies.

The NGS component consists of Personnel Genome Machine (PGM) and Ion Proton (Life Technologies) and all supporting instruments. The microarray system comprises Genechip Scanner 3000 7G including Genechip Scanner, Genechip Fluidics station and Genechip Hybridization oven. The CCF is supported with high end computational facility.

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