Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)

As per the "Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules, 1998" RGCB has formed an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee for control and supervision of experiments on animals performed in the Institute. The IAEC is registered with the CPCSEA (Reg. No. 326/CPCSEA) and its primary duty is to review and approve all types of research proposals involving small animal experimentation before the start of the study. The Committee also monitors research throughout the study and after completion of the study through periodic reports besides regular visits to the research faculty animal house and laboratories where the experiments are conducted. It also ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, rules, guidelines and laws related to animal experiments. IAEC includes eight members of which three are nominated by CPCSEA and remaining five members by the institute. The chairperson and member secretary of the committee are nominated by the institute from the existing members. The term of appointment of the committee is for a period of 3 years. The committee meets at regular intervals to review new proposals, requests and existing policies. The committee also regularly monitors the procedures and practices related to animal experiments to ensure that animal welfare and ethics are strictly followed at every point of research.

  • Director
External Members
  • Dr. Arun George
    Asst. Professor & Co-ordinator
    Centre for Livestock Development & Policy Research
    Kerala veterinary & Animal Science University Diary Directorate Building
    Pattom, Trivandrum-4.
  • Dr. Robin. D. Culas
    GRA-52, Kulirma
    Vrindvan Lane
    Chackai, Pettah.P.O
    Trivandrum- 695 024
  • Sri. A.G. Babu
    Near Ramangalam Temple
    Kavumpady, Muvattupuzha
Internal Members
  • Dr. Priya Srinivas
    Scientist E-II, RGCB
  • Dr. K B Harikumar
    Scientist C, RGCB
  • Dr. John Bernet Johnson
    Scientist C, RGCB
Member Secretary
  • Dr. Jackson James
    RGCB Animal Research Facility