Iype Joseph, MBBS, MPH

Research Scientist I (ICMR)



Iype Joseph, MBBS, MPH

Research Scientist I (ICMR)


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    • Master in Public Health (M.P.H.) 2003 – 2004 (SCTIMST, AMCHSS, Kerala, India)
    • MBBS – October 1993 (University of Kerala, India)
    • Medical Officer in Child Development Centre, Medical College Campus, Trivandrum - New-born follow-up Program Clinic
    • Surveillance Medical Officer of Kaimur District , Bihar under National Polio Surveillance Project, WHO-India
    • Assistant Surgeon in the Health Services Department, Kerala (Govt Hospital, Thycattussery, Alleppey and CHC Pathanapuram Kollam)
    • Consultant (Training/Technical), Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, Health Services Department, Kerala
    • Participated in 10th Regional Field Epidemiology Training Programme (FETP), National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Delhi 2005
  • Research

    Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance.

    The current work revolves around the disease, leptospirosis. An epidemiological approach is taken to understand the transmission dynamics between man and various mammals, the role of environment and the dynamic relations between these. The relation between severity of disease, leptospiral serovars, carrier hosts, climate, geographical location and potential for exposure are being studied. The genetic basis for persistence of serovars in different geographical areas is proposed to be studied.

    Among the reported causes of mortality in Kerala due to communicable diseases, Leptospirosis contributes the maximum fraction for the past many years. Humans and animals may become infected through direct contact with contaminated urine or indirectly through exposure to contaminated water or soil. Rats and mice have been known to be carriers and transmit the maximum number of serovars. The abundance of the various natural hosts in areas of human habitation and occupation determines the potential for transmission for leptospira. By studying these, a rational basis for the control of leptospira is expected to be prepared

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