Newsletter of the Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences,IACS India section

Matters of the Heart

A publication by Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences (International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences - India Section)

Volume 1; No.1 , January 2017

There is an urgency to extend initiatives for cardiovascular health protection, such as increasing awareness for improved life style, nutritious and healthy food, and promote health wellness programmes to combat heart diseases. "Matters of the Heart" is designed to provide public health education in these areas.

  • Life Style and Life Style Diseases
    S. Sivasankaran
  • What is new in Strategies for Cardiac Regeneration?
    K. G. Aghila Rani
  • My Tryst with the Heart
    R. Ramachandran Nair
  • Research News

Editor: C.C. Kartha Associate Editors: K.G. Aghila Rani, Surya Ramachandran
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