Post-doctoral Training at RGCB

RGCB has regular openings for post-doctoral training in select programs of Disease Biology and Plant Biotechnology. This programme is an ideal platform for young enthusiastic post-docs looking for comprehensive training as a prelude to applying for faculty positions in India and abroad. Two systems of post-doctoral training are operational: 1. RGCB funded programme 2. Programmes funded by external funding agencies.


The post-doctoral training is permitted for duration of three years on contract.

Subject areas :

Post Doctoral trainee positions are normally for programs in Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Neurological disorders, Reproductive Biology and Nanoscience-based platforms as well as for Plant Biotechnology. However other relevant cases will also be considered specifically on merit of the subject and work proposed.

Eligibility :
  • RGCB funded post-doctoral programme
    • Candidates with a PhD degree or MD degree are eligible to apply
    • Applicants should be below the age of 32 years (may be relaxed in exceptional cases)
  • Externally funded post-doctoral programme

RGCB will support applications from candidates to apply for extra-mural grants/Research Associateship from agencies such as DST (Fast Track, Women's Program, etc), DBT (PDF, IYBA, etc), ICMR, CSIR, etc. in the previously mentioned areas.
For both these programmes, RGCB strongly discourages applications from candidates who have completed PhD from any of its laboratories or worked previously as Research Fellows, Research Associates or in any other research positions in RGCB. RGCB expects such candidates to migrate to other institutes to further develop their skills and not continue remain confined to the same institute environment. This condition may be relaxed in a very few exceptional cases subject to a strong recommendation from a duly appointed selection committee.

Mode of application & Selection Procedure (applicable to RGCB funded and externally funded programmes / Associateship)

Interested applicants have to submit a concept proposal (not more than 3 pages, explaining what they would like to do) along with the prescribed application format (that can be downloaded from this website) and two letters of reference (one of which must definitely be from their PhD mentor). The concept proposal will be peer reviewed, and short-listed applicants will be asked to make a presentation before a selection committee. This committee will include the Director or his nominee as Chairman, Dean, Professor of Eminence and two scientists nominated by the Director. Additional external or internal experts may be included as needed. Candidates with approved international or national fellowships (CSIR, ICMR, DBT, DST, etc) obtained without going through this procedure (such as those wanting to transfer to RGCB) will also have to make the presentation before the selection committee.

Fellowship :
  • RGCB funded post-doctoral programme : The selection committee, based on the applicant's track record and years of experience, will recommend the stipend amount
  • Externally funded post-doctoral programme : As per the guidelines issued by the funding agency.
General Conditions :
  • Post-doctoral trainees will be expected to plan and execute research programs with minimal supervision, reporting directly to the Program Leader. They will also be expected to be a mentor to PhD students, trainee students, research fellows and technical support staff.
  • Selection to a post doctoral training program, whether supported by the institute or through external funding, will also depend on the institute's assessment of the possible value addition the candidate will bring in to RGCB's R&D programs.
  • No faculty in RGCB is authorized to forward or give consent for applications for funding to any form of post-doctoral training in RGCB, directly to the funding agencies. All post-doctoral candidate selections in RGCB will follow the above mentioned guidelines.

Interested candidates may please contact the Director at or

Download Application Data Sheet for applicants