No.RGCB/ADVT/ADMN & TECH/01/2021   25.02.2021

The following amendments to Advertisement No.RGCB/ADVT/ADMN & TECH/01/2021 dated 17.02.2021 are being issued.


Read as

Manager (Veterinary Services)
No. positions- 2 (UR)

No. of positions - 1 (UR)

Assistant Library & Information Officer

Assistant Librarian

Junior Management Assistant
No. of positions - 2 (UR-1, OBC-1)

Junior Management Assistant
No. of positions - 1 (OBC)

The revised advertisement is published below:

No.RGCB/ADVT/ADMN & TECH/01/2021   February 17, 2021


Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), Thiruvananthapuram is an autonomous institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
RGCB invites applications for the following positions from Indian citizens with prescribed qualifications. Full details including minimum qualifications, job description etc. are described below.

Code No. 1

(To download application format, click here)

Pay Level Level 10
Number of Positions 1 (UR)
Minimum Qualifications
  1. BVSc from a recognized Indian University.
  2. Minimum two years documented experience in a CPCSEA registered Animal Research Facility of a Central/State Government Research Institution, as Laboratory Animal Veterinarian/in supervisory capacity.
Desirable Qualifications
  1. A Master's Degree in Veterinary Microbiology/ Veterinary Pathology/ Veterinary Biotechnology/ Veterinary Surgery/ Animal Breeding & Genetics with hands on experience on various laboratory diagnostic tests.
  2. Valid IVC/SVC (Indian Veterinary Council/ State Veterinary Council) registration.
  3. Working experience in a semi-barrier animal facility with immune compromised and transgenic mice strains.
  4. Experience in various invasive and non-invasive research procedures on laboratory animals.
  5. Experience in legal regulations/requirements related to animals used in research.
  6. Experience in animal in vivo imaging techniques.
  7. Good oral and written communication skills.
  8. Proficiency in use of computers including use of word processing, spreadsheets, database software, and internet usage.
Job Description

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram has a fully functional Animal House Facility set up at its Main Campus at Thiruvananthapuram. As per the "Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules, 1998", RGCB has formed an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) for control and supervision of experiments on animals performed in the Institute. The IAEC is registered with the CPCSEA and its primary duty is to review and approve all types of research proposals involving small animal experimentation before the start of the study. Veterinarian will be responsible to coordinate matters with IAEC and manage the day to day functioning of RGCB's Animal House Facility. The mandated functions of Animal House shall always be performed in close coordination with the IAEC and the Veterinarian shall also monitor/support the Faculty/Researchers throughout their study. The Veterinarian shall also submit all needed periodic reports to the Faculty/Researchers after such studies and/or bring all matters to the notice of the Faculty/Researchers, at all times. Matters needing attention of IAEC and other higher authorities, as applicable, shall always be promptly attended to by the Veterinarian. He/she shall also ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, rules, guidelines and laws related to animal experiments. The Veterinarian shall also ensure conducting regular meetings of IAEC. He/she shall also be responsible to help RGCB Faculty/Researchers in writing new proposals relating to the subjects and submitting such proposals to the IAEC and update them for review by IAEC. The Veterinarian shall also regularly monitor the procedures and practices related to animal experiments to ensure that animal welfare and ethics are strictly followed at every point of research.

The Veterinarian will have the supervision duties of deputed staff at the Animal House Facility. He/she shall also ensure that the code of conduct and functioning of such staff is always up to the desired mark and that they follow all needed procedures. The following will also be the responsibilities of Veterinarian.

  1. Animal Husbandry, including Importing, breeding and maintenance of the required animals as per CPCSEA standards.
  2. Animal daily care like feeding, watering and maintaining a clean cage environment.
  3. Veterinary care; daily health surveillance of animals as well as routine, periodic testing for common diseases.
  4. Providing clean and sterilized cages, racks, feed, water, cage cards and other essential instruments.
  5. Assisting users in animal handling, restraining, identification techniques, dosing, injections, anaesthesia, analgesia, sample collection and surgery.
  6. Record keeping as per CPCSEA formats.

Excellent communication skills, including the ability to illustrate work related matters, specially the points of concerns/problems and generate solutions will be added advantage attached to the position of Veterinarian at RGCB.

Age limit

40 years as on 31.03.2021

Code No. 2 Assistant Librarian

(To download application format, click here)

Pay Level Level 7
Number of Positions

1 (UR)

Minimum Qualifications
  1. Graduation in Library Science
  2. Minimum of 2 (two) years of documented professional experience in a Library of Central Government or State Government/ PSU/ Autonomous Bodies/Universities etc.
Desirable Qualifications

Post-Graduation in Library Sciences and working experience in a fully automated research library. Proficiency in using statistical analysis software as well as excellent communication skills and proficiency in written and spoken English will be added advantages.

Job Description

The Assistant Librarian will be the caretaker of RGCB's Comprehensive Library, and stockholder of a depository of a valuable collection of many sought after international books and journals including those on life sciences. The Library is automated and library management software is implemented at RGCB, and hence the ability to run the installed software will be a mandatory qualification that will be looked into. The Assistant Librarian will maintain and always update Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of library documents. Barcoding technology is applied for circulation of library documents at RGCB and the Assistant Librarian will monitor this mechanism. The current functioning methodology of RGCB Library will have to be ensured smooth continuity by the Assistant Librarian who shall also suggest every scope of improvement in system administration and monitoring. Currently, an open access system is followed in the library which provides twelve hours continuous service (9 am to 9 pm) on all working days and on Saturday, ensuring excellent service to scientists, students, research fellows, project trainees and other users. E-Resources sharing is facilitated by its membership in Department of Biotechnology's e- Library Consortium (DeLCON). At present more than nine hundred e- journals and e- books of twenty international publishers are thus accessible. The library subscribes to a number of national and international journals. The collection contains a substantial number of internationally acclaimed books on life science, particularly in biotechnology. Back volumes of more than a hundred international and national journals from 1995 onwards are preserved. There is also very good collection of multimedia. The Assistant Librarian will be the stockholder of all these valuable assets of RGCB. Ph.D theses from RGCB are yet another collection in the library. For in house use the library has a network of computers to cater to the requirements of the users. E-journals and other electronic resources are available in the Local Area Network (LAN) provided for easy access to the users. An Electronic Document Delivery Service is also in use to ensure availability of articles and such other relevant materials. RGCB has its laid down rules with relation to functioning of its Library. Ensuring compliance at all times of these rules, to name a few, the set of Rules for the usage of Library Facilities, Issue/Return of Books/Rules for Digital Library Users etc. shall always be the sole responsibility of the Assistant Librarian. RGCB has a Library Committee, that monitors the day to day functions as well as recommends all important matters related to its Comprehensive Library to the RGCB Administration. The Assistant Librarian will ensure smooth functioning of the RGCB Library, in close coordination with Library Committee and in liaison with RGCB's Scientific as well as Administration Cadre.

Age limit

35 years as on 31.03.2021

Code No. 3 Technical Assistant Group III
(To download application format, click here)
Pay Level Level 6
Number of Positions

2 (UR-1, OBC-1)

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in any branch of Sciences with minimum of two years documented experience in Central/State Government research institutions.

Desirable Qualification

Master's Degree in Life Sciences/ Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology

Job Description

Technical Assistants will be responsible for laboratory work and coordination as well as managing sophisticated instrumentation.

Documented experience in basic research laboratory techniques such as autoclaving, tissue storage & processing, paraffin embedding, immuno-cytochemistry as well as laboratory management assistance including assistance in departmental project management activities as assigned by a supervisor or project manager, collection of project plan updates, maintenance or modification of project plan documentation, preparation/ distribution of project status reports, project accounts, preparation of utilization certificates & expenditure statements, project reporting and documentation.

Documented working experience in basic molecular biology techniques and tissue culture techniques including DNA isolation, DNA sequencing, DNA amplification, labeling, purification, quantification, PCR, RT-PCR, plasmid isolation, transformation, southern blotting, protein isolation and protein sequencing as well as laboratory management, expertise in project reporting and documentation.

Age limit

35 years as on 31.03.2021

Code No. 4 Technician
(To download application format, click here)
Pay Level Level 5
Number of Positions

3 (UR-2, EWS-1)

Minimum Qualifications

Graduate in Science or equivalent with experience in State/ Central Government research institutions.

Desirable Qualification

Post Graduation in Science with good academic track record and documented knowledge of software applications for laboratory management.

Applicants must be flexible and reliable team players interested in working in a national environment within a diverse and dynamic working atmosphere. Strong computer and software skills.

Job Description

The Technician will carry out laboratory based investigations by undertaking a range of routine technical and experimental tasks that include, but not limited to, use of sophisticated lab equipment to perform analysis of blood and body fluids, diagnose viral and bacterial diseases in blood and body fluid specimens using molecular and immunological techniques, isolation of DNA, viruses, bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms from blood, body fluids and tissues for identification of disease, test drug levels in the blood to show how a patient is responding to treatment as well all other relevant medical laboratory based investigations.

General administrative and support duties keeping detailed logs of all work-related activities, processing orders, indents or invoices and undertaking clerical and simple accounting for laboratory management.

Age limit

35 years as on 31.03.2021

Code No. 5 Junior Management Assistant
(To download application format, click here)
Pay Level Level 5
Number of Positions

1 (OBC)

Minimum Qualifications

For Finance & Accounts Division

  1. Commerce Graduate from a Recognised Indian University
  2. Minimum of 2 (two) years of documented work experience in relevant field at Central or State Government/ PSU/ Autonomous Bodies/ Universities etc.
  3. Knowledge of Tally Accounting Software.
Desirable Qualification

Post Graduation in Finance/Accounts/Management

Job Description

The Junior Management Assistant in the Institute's Finance & Accounts Division will be required to process payments, deal with Audit matters, TDS, Accounting of all receipts & disbursements, Revenue Refunds, Internal Transfers, Maintaining of Tally Accounts, Payments, Reconciliation of Bank Accounts and Rendition of Utilisation Certificates/Statement of Expenditure, Annual Accounts etc. Applicants must be flexible and reliable team players prepared to work in a national environment within a diverse and dynamic working atmosphere. Strong computer and software skills are required. In addition, The Junior Management Assistant will need to interact with the Scientists of RGCB and at times may be required to liaise with various Funding Agencies, including DBT, DST, CSIR, ICMR, UGC etc. and hence excellent communication skills as well as proficiency in written and Spoken Hindi and English will be mandatory.

Strong computer and software skills, excellent communication skills as well as proficiency in written and Spoken English will be mandatory.

Age limit

35 years as on 31.03.2021

General Conditions/ Instructions

  1. Candidates are advised to apply against this advertisement, only if they agree to abide by all relevant Rules of the Government of India and RGCB; and these General Conditions/Instructions.
  2. The applications received will be scrutinized and candidates, who in the opinion of the institute are likely to be suitable, also in compliance with this advertisement will only be shortlisted and be eligible for consideration in further selection procedures. The decision of the Director, RGCB will be final and no representation/communication/submission will be entertained whatsoever in this connection as regards the entire selection procedures with regard to this Advertisement.
  3. For the position of Veterinarian, the selection procedure will be as follows:
    1. Level 1 Screening: A duly constituted Institutional Screening Committee (ISC) will determine whether the applicant meets minimum prescribed qualifications for the advertised position at RGCB. Ineligible applicants without these needed minimum qualifications will be summarily rejected and no further correspondence will be sent to them. Should there be more than 15 applications shortlisted after the Level I screening by the ISC, a second round (Level 2 screening) will be done.
    2. Level 2 Screening: Level 2 Screening will analyze the applications shortlisted after Level 1 screening and includes detailed review of the applicant's credentials, and fulfillment of suitability with reference to job description and institutional needs as stated in the advertisement.
    3. Final Selection Procedure: Candidates shortlisted after screening procedures will be called for a final selection interview. The duly constituted selection committee will speak to shortlisted applicants personally (either in person or through video conferencing). The decision of the selection committee will be final.
  4. For positions mentioned under Code Numbers 2, 3, 4 & 5, all applications will be initially screened by a duly constituted Institutional Screening Committee (ISC) to determine whether the applicant meets minimum prescribed qualifications for the advertised positions at RGCB. Ineligible applicants without these needed minimum qualifications will be summarily rejected and no further correspondence will be sent to them. Shortlisted candidates will be called for the Selection Examination as detailed below:
    1. The examination will be conducted in Three Tiers:  Tier I, Tier II and Tier III. 
    2. The Tier I test is an objective type (multiple choice) with 100 questions.  Each question carries two marks for every correct answer and minus half mark (minus 0.50) for every wrong answer. The question paper will comprise of questions in the following areas: General Intelligence, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language. The total time allowed for the Tier I examination is 90 minutes.
    3. The Tier II test will be a descriptive paper of 100 marks in “pen and paper” model.  The paper will comprise of answers on topics mentioned in the job description in the advertisement for respective positions. The Tier II test will have 10 questions, of which a candidate can answer any 5. If more than 5 questions are answered, only the first 5 questions in serial order will be valued. The duration of this test will be 90 minutes.
    4. Candidates who are shortlisted on the basis of performance in Tier I and Tier II tests (Maximum 300 marks) will take the Tier III examination
    5. Names of shortlisted candidates to take the Tier III examination will be published on the RGCB website and RGCB notice boards.
    6. The Tier III examination will be a Practical Skills Test as per details mentioned in the job description in the advertisement for the respective Positions. This test will be of a qualifying nature with only either a Pass or Fail grade.
    7. Candidates who have been shortlisted for the Tier III test (Practical Skills Test) and who have applied for more than one positions, will have to separately take the concerned skills test as per job description.
    8. The final selection will be from the merit list of successful candidates ranked on the basis of the total score obtained by them in the combined Tier I and II examinations and having passed the Tier III test (Practical Skills Test).
  5. The number of positions in each code is provisional and may vary at the time of selection procedures; if more numbers of positions with identical job requirements is needed to be filled at appropriate time, such positions may also be filled by the Director, RGCB from among the list of shortlisted candidates on account of this Advertisement. However, the Director, RGCB may or may not do so, at own discretion.
  6. The Director, RGCB reserves right to not to fill any or all posts advertised.
  7. Relaxations and concessions will be in accordance with the RGCB Rules and Regulations. Relaxation in age will be considered in case of persons already holding analogous/equivalent positions in Government Scientific Organisations/Research Institutions, in compliance with RGCB Rules.
  8. The candidates must be citizens of India.
  9. Candidates applying for more than one post may apply separately for each post indicating the name and code number of the position. Applications form must be downloaded from the Institute's website. No other forms of applications will be accepted.
  10. Merely fulfilling the requirements in the advertisement will not automatically entitle any candidate to be considered for participation in the selection procedures. No interim enquiries/correspondence/communication of any sort will be entertained during the selection procedure.
  11. Persons working under the Central/State Government/Public Sector Undertakings/Central Autonomous Bodies shall submit their applications through proper channel. They may, however, send an advance copy of the application along with enclosures as required. Those who are unable to forward their application through proper channel may submit a NOC from their employer at the time of selection procedures, if shortlisted. Without this NOC, the applicant will not be allowed to attend the selection procedures.
  12. Canvassing in any manner would entail automatic disqualification of the candidature.
  13. Incomplete applications or applications without copies of certificates or applications received after the last date will be rejected.
  14. Selected candidates will be subject to posting in any office/branch of the Institute, anywhere in India, as per RGCB's administrative requirements.
  15. Applications in prescribed format with resume/curriculum vitae and attested copies of all necessary certificates, experience certificates and other supporting documents may be submitted by post to "THE DIRECTOR, RAJIV GANDHI CENTRE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY, POOJAPPURA, THYCAUD P.O, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM 695014, KERALA". Applications sent by post, must contain on the envelope, the name and code number of the position applied for. Alternatively, applications can be sent by e-mail enclosing a SINGLE PDF FILE to on or before March 31, 2021.



Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB),
Thycaud Post, Poojappura,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014, Kerala, India
+91-471-2529400 | 2347975 | 2348753

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