The foreign nationals, who would like to enter India as a delegate to attend IACR-2020, must obtain a valid Indian Visa in the delegate’s passport. Application and procedures to obtain Indian Visa would generally take several days to weeks. Hence, we request all the foreign delegates to kindly initiate the processes for visa approval as early as possible. For detailed information on the process for filing of application and appointment, please visit Also, we request the delegates to contact the Indian Embassy at their respective countries for visa related enquiries.

Also, the delegates can visit the link mentioned above for obtaining the details regarding the Visa Free Entry, Visa Free Arrival and e-Visa.

Visa Invitation

For the foreign delegates attending IACR-2020, with regard to the Visa application, we are delighted to provide you with the conference invitation letters. Kindly drop us an e-mail at, marking the need, once you are through the registration process for IACR-2020.

Kindly note that IACR-2020 Organizing Secretariat is not responsible for granting Indian Visa to any of the foreign delegates and this will solely be the responsibility of the individuals who will be participating for IACR-2020. The IACR-2020 Organizing Secretariat does not have any official contacts with the Indian Embassy in this regard.

For any further queries you may contact IACR-2020 Organizing Secretariat at