NTFP Value Addition and Capacity Building

Promoting household and Local Health Traditions (animal and human), Traditional crop varieties and Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) are Livelihood options available for native people. The stake holders of community owned enterprises should be the collectors and cultivators of natural resources. Like any other physical planning approach its needs a bottom–up approach with considerable amount of grass- root level interventions. Each tribe has some associations with a set of skillsets and these tribes co-exist with other tribes too. Thus an approach is needed that not only identifies the skillset of the tribes, but also their integration in terms of their co- habitation. Each tribal community has is owns set of skill sets that could be enhanced using scientific, technical and design interventions. After the complete set of study of the tribal clans at different locations, it is found to have potentials in various disciplines. Our approaches are:

Conducting survey of locally available bio resources in Idukki and Wayand Districts.

Standardizing field distillation of essential oils from spice and aromatic plants.

Promoting the cultivation of aromatic plants (Spice already there in cultivation).

Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Creation of Clusters.

Establishing social entrepreneurship for essential oil and other value added products.

Value added products from potential bio resources – training and unit establishment.

Establishing market linkages for selling the processed products.