Art & Craft

Tribal people are god-gifted with their art and craft skills. Each group has its own festivals, legends, customs, taboos, rituals, superstitions, institutions, dances, songs, music and past reminiscences of their particular clan that have left an indelible impact on the artistic impulses of the group. They believe that their skills are not for creating the beautiful art objects but in fact their skills are one the ways to earn the livelihood. They also believe that the art is the only medium through which they can transmit the traditional culture to the upcoming generations. Unfortunately, most these tribal art and craft forms are at the verge of extension mainly due to the lack of interest among young generation. Hence, the following activities are conducting under this project.

Revamping of traditional Art /Craft through scientific interventions

Value added traditional craft items such as Jewellery, Bamboo / Rattan products

Community resource centre for traditional Art / Craft

Under the tribal Art and Craft sector, we have identified potential crafts to be conserved and promoted. Some of the tribal crafts in bamboo are very unique and need to be registered under Geographical Indicators (GI) and its procedures are going on. We have supported the traditional bamboo craft artisans in terms of improving their skill, efficiency in production, diversity in products etc. by creating two community enterprises "Vanasree Mulagramam", Uppukunnu and Unarv Bamboo Craft Unit, Palaplav, Idukki District