Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Database

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Database (TNBCDb) is an open-access, manually curated, resource of microRNA, RNA, protein and phosphoprotein level alterations reported to be differentially regulated in TNBC tissues and cell lines. The molecular level alterations in tissues are available in comparison with the normal tissues and different types of breast cancers that are currently classified and compared with TNBCs. In cell lines, the molecular alterations are provided for triple-negative cell lines compared across them as well as with other human breast cell lines. A DB Viewer has been enabled for one shot graphical view of the data in TNBCDb with respect to molecules, tissue type and cell lines. In order to obtain more functional insights into the molecules, a network viewer has also been enabled.
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Raju R, Paul A, Asokachandran V, George B, Radhamony L, Vinaykumar M, Girijadevi R and Pillai M. (2014). The Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Database: an omics platform for reference, integration and analysis of triple-negative breast cancer data. Breast Cancer Research. [PubMed]