Welcome to the Bionest Biotech Incubation Centre, located amid pristine green surroundings and in proximity to academic institutions such as Cochin Institute of Science and Technology, Ernakulam Medical College and Kinfra Hi-Tech Park. Bionest was set up to nurture emerging biotech/life science start up ventures by providing incubator facilities and state of the art biotechnology instrumentation platforms to promote & develop new entrepreneurs. It also aims to provide such instrumentation platforms for Small and Medium scale industries (SME's), Academic Institutions & hospitals, to further their research programs in biotechnology, life sciences and biomedical sciences. In addition, Bionest is also providing short term industrial training courses as well as facilities to Biotech students to carry out their dissertation and project work. The Bionest building is a two floor facility spread around 42,000 sq. ft comprising of incubation spaces for Biotech startups, R & D Labs, facilities like Effluent Treatment Plant, DG Back up and all other facilities necessary for biotech startups to kick start their operations. Bionest will provide a four-year incubation facility for start-ups and also the required infrastructure for the new company to work independently thereafter. Technological assistance and support will be imparted all the way through the maturation phases of the start-ups until their progression into a fully fledged company. Bionest will execute the hand-holding task of assisting the start-ups with respect to Intellectual property rights, Regulatory and Venture capital support. The centre houses common equipment and facilities like tissue culture, analytical and QC laboratories, with funding support from Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

About Us

BioNest is jointly run by Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) [under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India] and Kerala Start up Mission (KSUM) [the implementing agency of Government of Kerala for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities]. Bionest will provide the platform to synergise the expertise & knowledge power of RGCB with KSUM's infrastructure and facility at Kochi.