About Us

The Office of Technology Ventures (OTV) is responsible for managing the IP generated out of the research activities at RGCB. We at OTV believe that the output of scientific research gets translated to the society, only through diligent IP sensing, encouragement, incentivization and effective management of innovative ideas. Therefore, we strive to constantly encourage, make aware and assist the research community at RGCB to identify and protect their technologies and know-how in the most efficient manner. OTV is also responsible for assisting in the commercialization of resultant technologies by negotiating with the industry and potential collaborators. OTV is housed at present in the first floor of the main research block of RGCB.

  1. To augment IP generation from RGCB.
  2. To utilize and manage the IP generated in view of the betterment of the society.
  3. To encourage collaboration with the industry.
  4. To uphold the commitment and core values of the Institute.

OTV is responsible for

  1. Increasing IP awareness within the Institute
  2. Serving as a single-window of approach for in-house researchers, industry and collaborators, in terms of IP management
  3. IP due diligence
  4. Assisting scientists in identifying protectable IP
  5. Conducting periodic prior-art searches for in-house innovations
  6. In-house technology protection and commercialization services to transfer IP created on the various RGCB campuses
  7. To optimize the environment & incentives for research and for creation of new knowledge at the institute
  8. To bring technology into practical use for public benefit as quickly and effectively as possible
  9. To negotiate sponsored research agreements; plan contract details; fund sharing & distribution details as well as implementation procedures for consultancy projects
  10. To develop and manage revenue generation strategies from RGCB's investment into scientific infrastructure
  11. To ensure that the primary objective of RGCB's mission, namely academic excellence and high quality training in biotechnology is not compromised by ensuring constant liaison with the Office of the Director and Office for Academic Affairs