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Explore our cutting-edge equipment, including the Illumina NovaSeq 6000, 10x Genomics Chromium Controller, Oxford Nanopore MinION, and Agilent TapeStation, all contributing to our goal of providing exceptional NGS services.

Technological Infrastructure and Applications

Our facility boasts advanced sequencing platforms, including the NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina), 10X single cell genomics and MinION (Oxford Nanopore).
For seamless NGS workflow, we employ Qubit 4 and TapeStation 4150, ensuring rapid, accurate, and high-throughput QC validation

NovaSeq 6000 (Illumina)

NGS Sequencing

Our comprehensive next generation sequencing services is powered by the high end sequencing instrument, NovaSeq 6000, designed to meet diverse research needs, from whole-genome sequencing to RNA-Seq and more. It has the maximum capacity to yield more than 6000GB of DNA sequence data in the dual run at the same time with enormous number of samples and diverse range of sequencing services in a single flowcell.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Unlock the complete genetic information of organisms for in-depth genomic analysis.
The Applications are

  1. Identify genetic variations, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertions/deletions.
  2. Investigate structural variations within the genome.
  3. Understand the overall genomic landscape of organisms.

Exome/Panel Sequencing

Target specific genomic regions for focused analysis, allowing for cost-effective exploration.
The Applications are

  1. Identify disease-related variants in coding regions.
  2. Study specific genomic regions of interest with high coverage.
  3. Perform targeted analysis for disease gene panels.


Study the entire transcriptome to understand gene expression patterns and regulatory mechanisms.
The Applications are

  1. Explore differential gene expression.
  2. Investigate alternative splicing events.
  3. Discover non-coding RNA elements.

10x Chromium Controller

10x Genomics

Explore how our partnership allows us to offer 10x Genomics technology, enabling single-cell profiling and spatial genomics, advancing your understanding of complex biological systems.

Single Cell Genomics

Isolate and analyze individual cells, providing high-resolution insights into cellular heterogeneity.
The Applications are

  1. Understand cellular diversity and clonal evolution.
  2. Identify rare cell populations within a heterogeneous sample.
  3. Investigate cell-to-cell variability in gene expression.

Genome Phasing

Resolve haplotype information, offering a more comprehensive view of genomic variations.
The Applications are

  1. Understand the genetic basis of diseases through phasing.
  2. Analyze population genetics for better insights into genetic diversity.
  3. Facilitate the study of complex genetic traits.

MinION (Oxford Nanopore)

MinION Sequencing

Dive into long-read sequencing with MinION, offering insights into structural variants, novel transcripts, and epigenetic modifications.

Long-Read Sequencing

Generate exceptionally long sequencing reads, offering insights into complex genomic regions.
The Applications are

  1. Resolve complex structural variations in the genome.
  2. Achieve more accurate de novo genome assembly.
  3. Facilitate haplotype phasing for a detailed understanding of genetic information.

Real-Time Sequencing

Obtain dynamic, real-time sequencing data for immediate analysis and decision-making.
The Applications are

  1. Monitor infectious diseases in real-time.
  2. Perform rapid identification of pathogens.
  3. Enable quick decision-making in time-sensitive research.


TapeStation and Qubit QC Analysis

Delve into the importance of sample quality with TapeStation and Qubit, ensuring your NGS projects begin with the highest quality DNA and RNA.

Quality Control for NGS Libraries

Assess the size distribution and integrity of DNA/RNA libraries before sequencing.
The Applications are

  1. Ensure high-quality data generation by identifying artifacts early in the process.
  2. Optimize library preparation protocols based on quality metrics.

Quantification of Libraries

Accurately quantify prepared libraries, optimizing the sequencing process.
The Applications are

  1. Determine precise loading concentrations for sequencing.
  2. Maximize sequencing efficiency by ensuring proper library concentrations.

Bioinformatics Support

Backed by a state-of-the-art Bioinformatics facility, RGCB NGS Facility ensures comprehensive support for data analysis, enhancing the value of the services we provide


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