Post-doctoral Fellows

Kalishwaralal Kalimuthu, PhD

M.K.Bhan-Young Researcher Fellow
The researcher is interested in the field of Nanotechnology, biotechnology and molecular biology. The researcher is particularly interested in cancer biology research and developing potential therapies to overcome cancer aggression. Research interests lie primarily in the areas of identifying molecular pathways through which to design appropriate cancer cell targeting therapies. One such approach is the utilization of peptides, for example from phage display libraries, to target chemical or biological therapeutics to cancer cells. The researcher completed four years postdoctoral research at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, Ariel University, Israel and Konkuk University, South Korea.

Abhishek Ajmani, PhD

CSIR-Research Associate
Evaluation and in vivo validation of tryptanthrin analogues as potent lead molecules for malignant melanoma chemotherapy

Aiswarya U.S, PhD

ICMR-Senior Research Fellow
Project: Molecular evaluation of chemotherapeutic potential of Tryptanthrin against non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancer using patient derived xenograft models


Rayginia P Tennyson

PhD Student Evaluation and comparison of Solanumnigrum Linn leaf powder and its major active component, uttroside B as potent therapeutic leads against fatty liver disease and Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis


PhD Student Mechanistic and immunological evaluation and pre-clinical validation of Uttroside B as a chemotherapeutic drug against hepatocellular carcinoma.

Project Fellows

Shifana C Sadiq

DST-SEB Junior Research Fellow Project: Evaluation of uttroside B, a furanosylsaponin fromSolanumnigrum Linn as a candidate drug moleculeagainstAflatoxin-inducedlivercarcinogenesisand Non-alcoholicsteatohepatitis

Maria Joy P

Spices Board of India Project Fellow Project: In vitro and in vivo validation of the efficacy of the synergistic combination of curcumin and 5-FU in exterminating breast cancer stem-cell like populationusing orthotopic breast xenograft model in NOD-SCID, gamma mice



Smitha V Bava, PhD (2008)

Thesis Title: Potential Role of Curcumin, The Yellow Pigment of Turmeric(Curcuma longa) in Sensitizing the conventional Chemotherapeutic drugs.
Current Position:
Assistant Professor
University of Calicut

Vineshkumar T Puliyappadamba , PhD (2009)

Thesis Title: Regulatory role of curcumin on the carcinogenic effect induced by ingredience of cigerette smoke.
Current Position:
Postdoctoral Researcher
UT Southwestern Dallas, USA

C N Sreekanth, PhD (2011)

Thesis Title: Evaluation of the Synergistic Effect of Paclitaxel and curcumin in carcinogen- Induced and Xenograft models of Cervical Carcinogenesis in Mice.
Current Position:
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Minnesota, USA

Vinod B S, PhD (2013)

Thesis Title: Identification of Effective and Non-Toxic Chemosensitizers, which can be used in Combination with the conventional Chemotherapeutic drugs used for Breast Cancer Treatment.
Current Position:
Assistant Professor
SN College Kollam, Kerala

Jayesh Antony, PhD (2015)

Thesis Title: Molecular Evaluation of Anticancer Properties of the Active Principles from WRIGHTIA TINCTORIA.
Current Position:
Assistant professor
St.Thomas College, Palai

Arun Kumar T Thulasidasan, PhD (2016)

Thesis Title: Nanoparticle-based drug delivery and drug release for chemotherapy and chemoprevention.

Lekshmi R.Nath, PhD (2016)

Thesis Title: In vitro and in vivo evaluation of the anticancer effects of active principles from Solanum Nigrum Linn and Chromolaena odorata.
Current Position:
Assistant Professor
Amrita School of Pharmacy,
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.

Minakshi Saikia, PhD (2019)

Thesis Title: Identification of effective chemosensitizers for leukemia and melanoma chemotherapy

Haritha H Nair, PhD (2019)

Thesis Title: Mechanistic evaluation and In vivo validation of Syndergistic combinations of curcumin and resveratrol with chemitherapeutics used in breast cancer treatment
Current Position:
Research Fellow

Mohan Shanker, PhD (2020)

Thesis Title: Evaluation of the chemopreventive efficacy of the active principle from Wrightia tinctoria against skin carcinogenesis.
Current Position:
Postdoctoral Scientist
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Shabna A, PhD (2021)

Thesis Title: Mechanistic evaluation of the chemotherapeutic efficacy of Tryptanthrin against malignant melanoma.
Current Position:
Assistant Professor
National College, Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram

Swetha M (2023)

Thesis Title: :Evaluation of Uttroside B as a candidate drug against Hepatocellular Carcinoma and comparison of its therapeutic potential with that of Solanumnigrum Linn. leaf extract of Tryptanthrin against malignant melanoma.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Archana P R, PhD

Current Position:
Project Consultant
SBIR, Alien technology transfer, Italy

Saishyam Narayanan, PhD

Current Position:
Manager -Technical
Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
(Sec 8 company under Dept.Biotechnology), New Delhi

Vino T Cheriyan, PhD

Current Position:
Microbiologist III
IHRC, Inc, Lousiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA70820

Vinod V, PhD

Current Position:
Biological Scientist
Department of Anatomy and Cell biology
University of Florida, Florida, USA

Lekshmi R Nath, PhD

Current Position:
Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacognosy
Amrita School of Pharmacy
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kochi

Liju V B, PhD

Current Position:
Post-Doctoral fellow
Faculty of Health Sciences
Ben gurion, University of the Negev
Beer Sheva 84105, Israel

Sophia Margeret, PhD

Current Position:
Assistant Director of Fisheries
Directorate of Fisheries
Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram


Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB),
Thycaud Post, Poojappura,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014, Kerala, India
+91-471-2529400 | 2347975 | 2348753

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