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Tubulin Isotypes: Emerging Roles in Defining Cancer Stem Cell Niche

Maliekal T.T. , Dharmapal D , and Sengupta S (2022)
Frontiers in immunology     13. 10.3389/fimmu.2022.876278

Histone Chaperone Nucleophosmin Regulates Transcription of Key Genes Involved in Oral Tumorigenesis.

Senapati, P., A. Bhattacharya, S. Das, S. Dey, D. Sudarshan, S. G, J. Vishwakarma, S. Sudevan, R. Ramachandran, T. T. Maliekal and T. K. Kundu (2022).
Molecular and Cellular Biology     42(2): e0066920

βeta-Tubulin Isotype, TUBB4B, Regulates The Maintenance of Cancer Stem Cells.

Dharmapal, D., A. Jyothy, A. Mohan, P. G. Balagopal, N. A. George, P. Sebastian, T. T. Maliekal and S. Sengupta (2021).
Frontiers in Oncology     11: 788024.

SSTP1, a Host Defense Peptide, Exploits the Immunomodulatory IL6 Pathway to Induce Apoptosis in Cancer Cells.

Gopalakrishnan, S., S. K. Uma, G. Mohan, A. Mohan, G. Shanmugam, V. T. V. Kumar, S. J, S. K. Chandrika, D. Vasudevan, S. R. C. Nori, S. N. Sathi, S. George and T. T. Maliekal (2021).
Frontiers in Immunology     12355:40:00

Markers and reporters to reveal the hierarchy in heterogeneous cancer stem cells (Under Revision)

Amrutha Mohan, Reshma Raj R., Gayathri Mohan, Padmaja, K P. and Maliekal TT. (2021)
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology     doi: 10.3389/fcell.2021.668851

Reporters of cancer stem cells as a tool for drug discovery.

Amrutha Mohan, Reshma Raj R., Gayathri Mohan, Padmaja, K P. and Maliekal TT. (2021)
Frontiers in Oncology     doi: fonc.2021.669250

A novel reporter construct for screening small molecule inhibitors that specifically target self-renewing cancer cells.

Shanmugam G, Mohan A, Kumari K, Louis JM, Krishnan US, Balagopal P, George NA, Sebastian P, Maliekal TT (2019)
Experimental cell research     383(2):111551

Single cell biology beyond the era of antibodies: relevance, challenges, and promises in biomedical research.

Abraham P, Maliekal TT (2017)
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences     74: 1177-1189.


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