Current Research Grants

  • 2021 2018

    Design and charecterisation of peptide based cell targeting domains with live cell and animal targeting
    Department of Biotechnology [DBT], NE twining

  • 2020 2017

    Understanding epigenetic changes and cell state transitions that contribute for recurrence in triple negative breast cancers
    Department of Biotechnology [DBT]

  • 2020 2017

    Understanding the role of Hypoxia induced mitophagy in cancer cell survival and drug resistance : Implications on tumor stem cell like cells
    SERB, Department of Science and Technology [DST]

Previous/ Completed Research Grants

    1. Development Of Telomerase Over Expressing Immortalized Endothelial Cells For Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
      LSRB, Defence Research and Development Organisation [DRDO] 2006-2009

    2. Bax & Bak Independent Cell Death: Search For Its Signaling Intermediates As A Target Against Drug Resistance,
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2009-2010

    3. Isolation of endothelial progenitor cells from umbilical cord for tissue engineering
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2008-2011

    4. Search for Point of No Returnof apoptosis and the role of anti apoptotic proteins
      IYBA Award, Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2006-2009

    5. Heat Shock Protein Inhibitors as potential agents to bypass drug resistance in cancer
      Department of Science and Technology [DST] 2006-2009

    6. Heat shock proteins as a molecular toolfor assessing outcome of therapy - A study using cancer cell lines
      Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] 2002-2004

    7. Studies on NF-kB, IkB and HSP70 proteins in cancer cell lines (Co PI)
      LSRB, Defence Research and Development Organisation [DRDO] 2003-2005

    8. Development of nonthrombogenicEndothelial cells by Bcl2 gene transfer for tissue Engineering
      Department of Science and Technology [DST] 2002-2005

    9. Development of Bid-Ds red, Cytochrome c -GFP,AIF-GFPstable cells as a screening tool for large scale anticancer drug evaluation
      Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] 2004-2005

    10. Smac YFPexpressing cells as novel cell based assays for large scale screeningofplant derived compounds for anticancer property
      International Foundation of Science,Sweden 2004-2005

    11. Development ofnew generation FRET probes for CASPASE
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2013-2016


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Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014, Kerala, India
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