Dhrishya Dharmapal, PhD (2022)

Thesis Title: Study of beta-tubulin 2C in the self- renewal properties of different proteins in cancer stem cells.

J.S.Sreeja, PhD (2021)

Thesis Title: A comprehensive characterization of fodrin and its regulatory effect on gamma-tubulin mediated microtubule nucleation.

Rohith Kumar N, PhD (2019)

Thesis Title: Role of Fodrin in Regulating Mitosis and Analysis of its Interaction with Gamma-Tubulin.

Reshma Thamkachy, PhD (2016)

Thesis Title: Study of the Signaling Events and Role of p53 on the in vitro and in vivo Efficacy of a Lead Diaminothiazole in Colon Cancer Models.
Current Position:
Post doc in University of Edinburgh

Smreti Vasudevan, PhD (2016)

Thesis Title: Study of the Drug Resistance Mechanisms in Cancer Against Antimitotic Agents Using Paclitaxel and Diaminothiazoles.
Current Position:
Research Associate in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, New Delhi

Shashikala Sasidharan, PhD (2015)

Thesis Title: Characterization of Fodrin as a Gamma-Tubulin Associated Protein.
Current Position:
Post doc in Rutgers University, USA

Sannu Ann Thomas, PhD (2013)

Thesis Title: Study of the Mechanism of Action of a Diaminothiazole, a Potential Anticancer Agent.

Smitha S L, PhD (2012)

Thesis Title: Study of Diaminothiazoles in Cancer Cells and in Microtubule System.

Nisha Elizabeth Thomas, PhD (2009)

Thesis Title : Study of Microtubule Assembly by some Microtubule Nucleation Promoters.


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Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014, Kerala, India
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