Transcriptome-wide identification and transcriptional profiling reveal remarkable expression modulation of redox genes in Zingiber zerumbet against Pythium myriotylum.

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Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology

Genome and Transcriptome Sequence Resources and Effector Repertoire of Pythium myriotylum Drechsler.

Satheesh, G. R., Sayuj Koyyappurath, Varghese, L and Thomas, G. (2022)
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.

Transcriptome-based mining and expression profiling of Pythium responsive transcription factors in Zingiber sp.

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Functional & Integrative Genomics.

Transcriptional analysis and histochemistry reveal a dominant role for cell wall signaling in mediating Pythium myriotylum resistance in Zingiber zerumbet.

Kiran Ayyanperumal Geetha, Sayuj Koyyappurath, Lesly Augustine, George Thomas. (2019)
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology     106 (2019) 7-15.

The prehistoric Indian ayurvedic rice Shashtika is an extant early domesticate with a distinct selection history.

Jose M., Dinesh Raj R., Vinitha M. R., Madhu R., Varghese G., Bocianowski J., Yadav R., Patra B. C., Singh O. N., Rana J. C., Leena Kurmari, S and Thomas G.(2018).
Frontiers in Plant Science.     doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01203.

Analyses between Reproductive Behaviour, Genetic Diversity and Pythium Responsiveness in Zingiber spp. reveal an adaptive significance for hemiclonality.

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Frontiers in Plant Science     1.620138889

A new species of Boesenbergia and rediscovery of B. rotunda (Zingiberaceae) from India.

Aishwarya K, Vinitha M, Thomas G and Sabu M. (2015)
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Development of an efficient virus induced gene silencing strategy in the non-model wild ginger-Zingiber zerumbet and investigation of associated proteome changes.

Mahadevan C., Jaleel A., Deb L., Thomas G and Sakuntala M. (2015)
PLoS ONE     10(4): e0124518.


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