Computational screening combined with well-tempered metadynamics simulations identifies potential TMPRSS2 inhibitors.

Sharanya CS, Wilbee DS, Sathi SN, Natarajan K.(2024)
Sci Rep.     doi: 10.1038/s41598-024-65296-7.

Mechanism of calcium potentiation in alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

Kathiresan Natarajan*, Nuriya Mukhtasimova* , Jeremías Corradi , Matías Lasala , Cecilia Bouzat, Steven M. Sine (2020)
Journal of General Physiology     152, e202012606 (2020) DOI:
Spotlighted in Research News (*equal contribution)

Molecular interactions between tubulin tails and glutamylases reveal determinants of glutamylation patterns.

Kathiresan Natarajan*, Sudarshan Gadadhar, Judith Souphron, Maria M Magiera, Carsten Janke* (2017)
EMBO Reports     18,1013-1026, (2017) DOI:
*Corresponding author

Mutation of the α-tubulin Tuba1a leads to straighter microtubules and perturbs neuronal migration.

Richard Belvindrah, Kathiresan Natarajan, Preety Shabajee, Elodie Bruel-Jungerman, Jennifer Bernard, Marie Goutierre, Imane Moutkine, Xavier H Jaglin, Mythili Savariradjane, Theano Irinopoulou, Jean-Christophe Poncer, Carsten Janke, Fiona Francis (2017)
Journal of Cell Biology     216, 2443-2461,(2017) DOI:
Spotlighted in Commentary

Relating nucleotide dependent conformational changes in free tubulin dimers to tubulin assembly.

Kathiresan Natarajan, Jagan Mohan, Sanjib Senapati (2013)
Biopolymers     99, 282-291, (2013) DOI:
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Understanding the Basis of Drug Resistance of the Mutants of ??-Tubulin Dimer via Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

Kathiresan Natarajan, Sanjib Senapati (2012)
PloS one     7, e4235, (2012) DOI:

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