Current Research Grants

  • 2021 2018

    Delineation and characterization of defense signaling pathways and genetic regulation of induced systemic resistance in Zingiber-Pythium pathosystems.
    Department of Biotechnology [DBT]
    Rs. 6,414,800

  • 2019 2013

    Development of rice varieties for Kerala with pyramided genes for resistance to BLB by marker assisted selection.
    Department of Biotechnology [DBT]

Previous/ Completed Research Grants

    1. De novo transcriptome sequencing, microarray development and elucidation of Pythium responsive defense pathways in Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Smith
      Council of Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR] 2015-2017

    2. Prospecting Zingiber zerumbet for molecular resources
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2010-2013

    3. DNA barcoding of the selected genera of family Zingiberaceae: Alpinia, Zingiber and Globba
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2007-2010

    4. Circumscription of medicinal rice njavara from other traditional rice in Kerala following microsatellite assisted fingerprinting
      Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] 2008-2011

    5. DNA fingerprinting and evaluation of wild Zingiber spp. from Western ghats, a valuable source of horticultural traits and medicine
      Kerala Forest Department 2005-2008

    6. Gene bank of traditional medicinal rice strains from Western ghats: collection and DNA finger printing
      Western Ghats Development Programme [WGDP] 2005-2008

    7. Molecular marker assisted genotyping and genetic structural studies of genetic resource collections in njavara, a traditionally used medicinal rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Kerala, India
      International Foundation for Science, Sweden 2004-2007

    8. Improvement of selected spices through biotechnology tools: black pepper, cardamom, ginger, vanilla
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2001-2005

    9. Identification and evaluation of bioactive peptides: A biotechnological approach towards controlling fungal pathogen of quick wilt disease of black pepper
      Indian Council of Agricultural Research 2001-2004

    10. Clonal seed orchard management for higher seed productivity
      Kerala Forest Department 2000-2002


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Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014, Kerala, India
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