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Mechanism and Specificity of mRNA 3'-end processing and alternative polyadenylation by nuclear poly(A) polymerases

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Role of RNA binding protein, RBM10 in gene expression and cardiovascular functions and diseases


Regulation/mechanism of mRNA and lncRNA processing and implications in Diabetes and Cancer metastasis

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Linking the two Poly(A) tails: Mechanism of mRNA stability in Prokaryotes


Role of mRNA 3'-UTR/ncRNA in the regulation of Lipid Metabolism during lipotoxicity in cardiovascular diseases

Current Research Grants

  • 2025 2020

    Alternative polyadenylation in gene expression implications in cardiovascular diseases
    Swarna Jayanthi Fellowship, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India [DST/SJF/LS/2019/145]

  • 2023 2020

    Star PAP control of 3' end processing and alternative polyadenylation in cancer progression
    SERB, Science and Technology, [Govt. of India CRG/2019/003230]

Previous/ Completed Research Grants

    1. 3'UTR Regulation of cardiac genes with roles in pressure overload cardiac hypertrophy.
      Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India- 2017 [BT/PR13008/MED/30/1497/2015] 2017-2020

    2. Linking the poly (A)tails -Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes
      Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India [BT/PR13008/BAS/30/2015]- 2016 2016-2020

    3. Splicing independent function of RNA binding protein RBM 10 in gene regulation and 3'-end processing
      SERB, Science and Technology, Govt. of India [EMR/2015/000747]- 2017 2017-2020

    4. Specificity and mechanism of Star PAP mediated alternative polyadenylation 3'- end processing in gene expression.
      Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance Grant [IA/I/12/1/500508]- 2012 2012-2017

    5. Regulation of 3'- end processing in oxidative stress response -role of poly (A) polymerases
      IYBA, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India 2013-2016


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