Team Members

Sumayya Shahzad
M K Bhan Fellow

Role of 3' UTR in anti-oxidant and inflammatory pathway in cardiac hypertrophy.

Neeraja K M

Neeraja K M
PhD Student

Regulation and processing of mRNA 3'UTR in cancer cell invasion and metastasis.

Feba Shaji
PhD Student

Mechanism and significance of 3'- end processing of protein coding (mRNA) and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA)

Malaya Ranjan Behera
PhD Student

Mechanism and regulation of non-coding RNA processing and its cellular implications.

Diksha Singh
PhD Student

Canonical vs non-canonical pathway of 3'-end formation: Role of distinct processing factors and their cellular implication

Beauty Rani Koch
PhD Student

Signal mediated Star-PAP phosphorylation affects cellular level and influences regulation of target mRNA processing and alternative polyadenylation.

Unnimaya Sajeev
PhD Student

Regulatory mechanisms of RBM10 expression and its cytoplasmic mislocalization: implications in cardiac hypertrophy.

SnehaSandra.P.S, M.Sc.

Sneha Sandra P S
Project Fellow

Role of Poly (A) tailing in mRNA stabilization in E. coli and it's physiological significance.

Grashma Sadan

Metabolic genes expression changes in cardiac hypertrophy.

Ciji Varghese

Ciji Varghese
Chief Manager (Technical Services)

Laboratory management assistance.


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