Multi-Layered PLGA-PEI Nanoparticles Functionalized with TKD Peptide for Targeted Delivery of Pep5 to Breast Tumor Cells and Spheroids

Akhil K Mohan,Minsa M,T R Santhosh Kumar and Kumar GSV (2022)
International Journal of Nanomedicine     17, 5581-5600
Impact Factor: 7.03

Sorafenib entrapped, self-assembled Pullulan-Stearic acid biopolymer derived drug delivery system to PLC/PRF/5 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Model

Teena Jacob Chirayil and Kumar GSV (20 )
International Journal of Nanomedicine     17, 5099-5116
Impact Factor: 7.03

Supramolecular Hydrogel Based Post-Surgical Implant System for Hydrophobic Drug Delivery Against Glioma Recurrence.

Mrunal Vitthal Wanjale, Vishnu Sunil Jaikumar, KC Sivakumar, Riya Ann Paul,Jackson James, Kumar GSV (2022)
International Journal of Nanomedicine     17, 2203-2224
Impact Factor: 7

Bioactive peptides laden nano and micro-sized particles enriched ECM inspired dressing for skin regeneration in diabetic wounds.

Nanditha C.K & Kumar GSV (2022)
Materials Today Bio     14, 100235
Impact Factor:10.7

Dual growth factor entrapped nanoparticle enriched alginate wafer-based delivery system for suppurating wounds.

Amritha Vijayan, Vipin C.L & Kumar G.S.V (2022)
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules     208, 172-181
Impact Factor: 8

ECM-mimicking nanofibrous scaffold enriched with dual growth factor carrying nanoparticles for diabetic wound healing.

Amritha Vijayan, Nanditha C.K & Kumar GSV (2021)
Nanoscale Advances     3, 3085- 3092
Impact Factor: 4.5

PEG grafted chitosan scaffold for dual growth factor delivery for enhanced wound healing.

Amritha Vijayan, Sabareeswaran A. & Kumar GSV. (2019)
Scientific Reports     9, 19165
Impact Factor: 3.9

Peptide decorated glycolipid nanomicelles for drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

Meenu Vasudevan S, Ashwani Kumar N &. Kumar GSV (2019)
Biomaterial Science,     7, 4017-4021
Impact Factor: 6.2

Multiple cargo deliveries of growth factors and antimicrobial peptide using biodegradable nanopolymer as a potential wound healing system.

Amritha Vijayan, Pinky Prabha James, CK Nanditha & Kumar GSV. (2019)
International Journal of Nanomedicine     14, 2253-2263
Impact Factor: 5.1


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